Deck Building

How Many Hours Does it Take to Build a Deck?

Building a deck is a great way to add extra living space to your home and enjoy the outdoors. But before you start hammering away, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take. The answer, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as a magic number.

The Short Answer: It Depends

The time it takes to build a deck can vary widely depending on several factors, including:

  • Size: The size of your deck is the biggest factor in determining the time commitment. A small, 10′ x 10′ deck can be built in a weekend by a DIYer, while a large, 20′ x 40′ deck with multiple levels and special features could take a professional crew several weeks.
  • Complexity: A simple deck with a rectangular shape and no stairs will be quicker to build than a deck with curves, multiple levels, or built-in seating.
  • Experience: If you’re a seasoned DIYer, you’ll be able to build a deck faster than someone who’s never tackled a project like this before.
  • Permits and inspections: Some municipalities require permits for deck construction, and there may also be inspection fees that add to the overall timeline.

Here’s a general idea of what you can expect:

  • Small deck (10′ x 10′): 1-2 days for DIYers, 1-2 days for professionals
  • Medium deck (12′ x 16′): 2-4 days for DIYers, 2-3 days for professionals
  • Large deck (20′ x 40′): 5-7 days for DIYers, 3-5 days for professionals

Keep in mind that these are just estimates. The actual time it takes to build your deck could be higher or lower depending on the specific factors mentioned above.

Tips for Saving Time:

  • Plan ahead: The more planning you do upfront, the smoother the construction process will go. This includes getting quotes from contractors, obtaining permits, and choosing your materials.
  • Hire help: If you’re not a DIY expert, hiring a professional contractor can save you time and frustration.
  • Break it down: Divide the project into smaller tasks and tackle them one at a time. This will make the project seem less daunting and help you stay on track.
  • Work in good weather: Avoid scheduling construction during rain or snow.

With careful planning and execution, you can build a beautiful deck that adds value to your home and provides years of enjoyment.

Additional Tips

  • In addition to the factors mentioned above, the time it takes to build a deck can also be affected by the availability of materials, the weather, and any unforeseen challenges that arise during construction.
  • If you’re on a tight deadline, it’s important to communicate this to your contractor upfront so they can adjust their schedule accordingly.
  • Building a deck is a project that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Get your kids involved in the planning and construction process to create a lasting memory.