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How long should it take to build a deck in Tacoma?

Are you dreaming about having a stunning deck from where you can look at the Puget Sound? Or maybe you just bough your new home and want to build a nice deck so you can enjoy Tacoma’s outdoor scene. Building a deck is always a good idea, but how long does the magic process take? Let’s try to answer this question in this article. Just be patient, the answer isn’t as simple as hammering in a nail. Let’s dive into it!

The Time Warp of Deck Building

Building a deck in Tacoma isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon (although hopefully not that long of a marathon). The timeframe depends on several factors:

  • The Deck Itself: Size, complexity, and materials all play a role. A simple 10′ x 12′ treated wood deck might take 2-3 weeks, while a multi-level masterpiece with exotic hardwoods could stretch to months.
  • Permitting: Don’t underestimate the bureaucracy! Obtaining permits can take 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer depending on complexity and backlog. Patience is key here.
  • Scheduling: Contractors’ schedules get booked up, so factor in wait times, especially during peak construction season (spring and summer).
  • Mother Nature: Rain or shine, she throws wrenches in plans. Unexpected weather can add delays, so flexibility is your friend.

A Glimpse into the Phases

To understand the timeline, let’s break it down:

  1. Planning & Permitting (2-4 weeks): Design, material selection, permit application, and approvals. Patience is your mantra.
  2. Site Preparation & Footing (1-2 weeks): Clearing the area, digging footings, and pouring concrete. Rain delays are common here.
  3. Framing & Decking (1-3 weeks): Building the basic structure and laying the deck boards. Complexity dictates the timeframe.
  4. Railings & Finishing Touches (1-2 weeks): Adding railings, stairs, staining, and any bells and whistles. The final flourish!

Remember, these are just estimates! Unexpected snags, material availability, and even the contractor’s workload can impact the timeline.

Tips for a Speedy Deck

  • Plan Early: Start early, especially before peak season. Early planning smooths the permitting process and contractor scheduling.
  • Be Flexible: Accept that weather and unforeseen challenges might add a few days (or weeks!).
  • Communicate Clearly: Maintain open communication with your contractor to understand the timeline and any potential delays.
  • DIY Elements: Consider tackling small tasks like painting or staining yourself to shave off some time.

Building a deck is an investment in your outdoor enjoyment. By understanding the factors involved and planning ahead, you can transform your Tacoma backyard into a sun-soaked haven, ready for relaxation and memories in the making.